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Towards Outstanding Leadership Programme (TOLP)


Are you looking for a development programme to stretch your best leaders, or to accelerate the learning of those with high potential for the future? Look no further…

Put simply, the aim of the programme is to help leaders who are already considered to be good in their role to understand what it takes to make the transition towards outstanding leadership, to encourage and support them in putting those insights into practice in their organisations, and to bring others with them on that progression.


In addition to an in-depth exploration of the underpinning research, participants benefit from exposure to a variety of other leadership and organisational development frameworks, models and practical tools to ensure that learning is relevant and highly impactful.

The relatively small number of participants (typically 8-12) enables genuine personalisation of the learning experience, and the agenda for each of the modules is deliberately flexible, ensuring that discussions can evolve and focus where there is maximum interest and benefit for the group.

The whole development process is highly personalised and practical, focusing throughout on real work issues rather than on abstract discussion of leadership theories or concepts. The process extends over several months and includes:


Preparation and contracting conversation to frame the programme, agree desired outcomes, and introduce the 360° profiling tool

Module One (2 days residential) majoring on bringing the key themes from the outstanding leadership research to life in a highly practical way, and with a particular emphasis on enhancing self awareness, building trust and developing strong and effective relationships

Module Two (2 days residential) building further on the insights gained in module one, and the subsequent application of learning back in the workplace, with a specific focus on developing the climate for and enabling outstanding leadership in others and the wider organisation

Module Three (1 day non-residential) will review and consolidate the impact made at an individual, team and organisation level, and focus on how to maintain momentum and sustainability in the medium-to-long term

360° feedback process specifically built around the Outstanding Leadership research, conducted immediately after Module One, and again approximately twelve months later

Individual and highly personalised coaching sessions with one of the programme tutors between each of the modules

Leadership shadowing exchange activity with a participant from another organisation


Who should attend?

This is most definitely not an ‘introductory’ level leadership programme. Candidates will already have considerable leadership/managerial experience and will have achieved a number of notable successes in their careers to date.

They are likely to be in a role with significant ability to influence, or be earmarked as potential candidates for a senior role or a move requiring major change for them or for the organisation.


What are the benefits?

Previous participants enthusiastically testify to the impact of the programme in areas such as increased engagement, improved team working, better collaborative relationships across boundaries and heightened leadership capability and capacity throughout the organisation.

More specifically they describe:

Increased self-awareness and confidence , allowing them to celebrate their strengths and lead with authenticity and to use this enhanced awareness to modify or strengthen current leadership practices

A more strategic focus to their leadership including a more collaborative approach with peers, broadening their outlook across the organisation and outside it to see how they could lead across these boundaries, with an increased involvement in strategic issues and debates

An enhanced people focus including greater visibility, devoting more time to development of others, a shift towards coaching over advice-giving, more open conversations and greater trust and empowerment

There are also several instances of participants progressing to broader and more challenging roles which they put down at least in part to their raised profile and visibly enhanced leadership credibility amongst their managers and peers.

Given all of the above, it is particularly interesting to note that many participants cannot easily point to any one thing that they are doing differently. Leadership, it appears, has shifted from being an element of their role to being systemically part of how they think and act in the workplace and beyond.


Upcoming dates:

We are currently accepting applications for the following upcoming programmes…


Cohort 21

Module One: Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th April 2022

Module Two: Tuesday 24th & Wednesday 25th May 2022

Module Three: Tuesday 5th July 2022


Cohort 22

Module One: Tuesday 27th & Wednesday 28th September 2022

Module Two: Wednesday 30th & Thursday 1st December 2022

Module Three: Tuesday 10th January 2023

What is the investment?

For 1 place: £4,725 (plus VAT)

For 3 or more places: £4,200 each (plus VAT)


Implications of Covid-19

During the various periods of lockdown, we adapted successfully to continue in-person work on Zoom. We are delighted that we have been able to resume in-person events over the past couple of months. We are fully prepared, however, to revert back to 100% on-line delivery should that become a necessity once again.

How do I book a place?

For more information, or to reserve a place on one of the above programmes, please get in touch by one of the following methods:

Telephone: 07840 120 607

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.