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Our Founding Partners

Ian Lawson, Maggie Smith and Peter Wall

Towards Outstanding Leadership is not simply the name of our business venture, it is our collective purpose.

After many years of working in the fields of leadership and organisation development, our paths eventually converged at The Work Foundation where we discovered a mutual passion for helping people to become the best leaders they can be.

Despite subsequently each setting up our own successful businesses, the three of us continued to work together in a spirit of collaboration and partnership that culminated in the establishing of this, our joint enterprise – Towards Outstanding Leadership.

Ian sadly died unexpectedly in February 2018, but we are determined to continue our partnership in the spirit of honouring his memory and legacy.

Let us introduce ourselves briefly…


Maggie Smith

Maggie spent several years working in the hotel and conference industry before moving to The Work Foundation. Her role there, as Head of Events, involved working collaboratively with colleagues in the Leadership Programme team which reinforced her passion for the topic.

She works from a positive psychology base in her leadership development and coaching work, enthusiastic about the benefits this can have on personal development and wellbeing as well as organisational performance.

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Peter Wall

Peter has worked in many fields during his career, beginning with marketing and then subsequently moving on to quality improvement, strategic planning, product development, training and then finally becoming a specialist in leadership and organisation development.

He has a particular interest in supporting enhanced team effectiveness and in helping newly-merged or freshly-collaborating groups learn how to work effectively together.

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